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Women workers give Nov 20 deadline to government By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed LAHORE: Women Home Based Workers (HBWs) from all over Punjab have warned the government of a dharna (sit-in) in front of the Punjab Assembly..... more

Help with homework,  Home-based workers demand recognition as labour, end to extortion and harassment By Shahzada Irfan Ahmed Sajida Manzoor is a home-based worker (HBW) from Rawalpindi. She, along with her family members..... more

National Convention of Home Based Workers: By Khalid Mahmood(01/11/2013) LAHORE: Stressing upon the legal recognition of ‘Home Based Workers’(HBWs) as ‘labour’, national convention of HBWs call for legislation as well as policy framing for suppressed workers in all provinces..... more 

More than 300 workers die in Pakistan due to fire in two factories, Criminal negligence by government and employers, they should be brought to justice for killing workers: By Khalid Mahmood (13/09/2012)More than 289 textile workers in Karachi and 25 shoe makers in Lahore died due to fires in.... more

Every government suppresses trade unions            Altaf Baloch has lived an eventful life working and fighting for the cause of labour unions and paying a price for it in the shape of spending many years in jail. He has supported working class.... more

A Long Struggle ends in a Win National Database and Registration Authority ( NADRA) is the leading organization in Pakistan that keeps the record of all the citizens of Pakistan. It issues national identity cards, passports, other cards for..... more 

PTCL United Workers Alliance rejects Etisalat unemployment plan Company plan to kick out 16000 more workers, Nationalise PTCL, United Alliance demands at a press conference in Lahore:Today on 31st July, leaders of six different trade.... more

Intro: Pakistan Industrial Relations Act (PIRA)       By: Salman Ali (23/07/2012) In 2010 Punjab government passed the new labour law PIRA which LEF believes that they want the laborers to work hard for their rights. It’s simply against their will.  As.... more

Discussion with labour students on Pakistan Penal Code Section 509: An orientation session was conducted at Suttermill and Youhanabad in last week of June.  The topic was “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010”. About... more

LEF documentary on Power loom workers selected for Berlin Film Festival‏:(Khalid Mahmood 13\02\2012) Labour Education Foundation’s documentary “Rise of the Oppressed” on power loom workers of Faisalabad directed by Ammar Aziz has been selected...... more

.... more

Labour Party Pakistan under attack, Help us to fight back: (Farooq Tariq 15\11\2011) Several supporters and members of Labour Party Pakistan are locked up if different jails of Pakistan.... more

ITGLWF Condemns Jailing of Pakistan Power Loom Union Leaders: The International Textile, Garment and Leather Workers’ Federation has strongly condemned the brutal campaign waged by employers.... more

 “Registration as workers is the legal right of Home Based Workers”. This was demanded by women present at the first ever celebration of Home Based Workers Day jointly organized Home Net Pakistan and.... more

Nobody in Pakistan postal services is in the position to solve the problems of union. Saeed Hameed Ahmed has been striving for the worker rights of Pakistan postal services since 1957. He formed an.... more

 Ship breaking industry earning Billions annually is being ignored by the Government institutions. On 27th September a seminar was held in Karachi on the topic of working conditions and rights of... more

We will protest until our demands are met. All primary teachers Association Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa is on protest since October 1st and from 22nd October classes are being boycotted too..... more

Daily waged workers of Nestle Pakistan’s Sheikhupura factory are facing numerous problems. Their wages are not increased, denied of benefits such as weekly and annual holidays.... more

Six power loom workers’ leaders sentenced for 10 year each by Anti-Terrorist Court in Faisalabad       By Khalid Mahmood (01\11\2011)Anti-Terrorist Court’s judge Mian Muhammad Anwar Nazir sentenced six Labour Qaumi Movement’s leaders for 10 years each under terrorism charges in Faisalabad...read more



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